The Big Book Black Friday Sale! (2019)

Happy Black Friday!

For The Big Book, we are offering:

$--  The Big Book (15 spreads/30 pages) 
Size(s): 20" x 28" / 28" x 20"
Cover Material: Any of our leatherette Deluxe Series
Personalization: +$--
Luxe Presentation Box +$--
Box Logo/Personalization: +$--
Shipping: $30

  • The Big Book is a non-sample artbook
  • The Big Book is an Artbook, which comes with thinner pages, magazine-style
  • Artbooks start with 15 spreads, max out at 45
  • Both come with either fine art matte (true to color) or fine art pearl paper (a little iridescent, tones are slightly cool)
  • You are not limited to how many Big Books you purchase
  • Shipping is $30 per each order we ship to you
  • The Big Book can be purchased as a pre-order, all designs must be submitted before 3/31/2020.  If designs are not submitted before then, The Big Book will turn into Amber Concept store credit.

To access The Black Friday sale:

1.  Create & Register for an account at   We will review your account and you will get an email notification once your account has been approved.  We will reach out for questions.
2.  When approved, sign into your account at Amber Concept
3.  Once signed in, copy and paste the Black Friday link into your browser:

4.  Fill out all the details for The Big Book.
5.  Add to the shopping cart, proceed with checkout.

The Big Book can be used for PREORDER and designs must be submitted before 3/31/2020.  If designs are not submitted before then, any Big Book purchased will turn into Amber Concept store credit.  

For questions, contact us here or email us at

Amber Concept

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