Tauran Photography UNBOXING an Amber Concept 14x10 Off White Album!

Tauran Photography, www.tauran.com unboxes his Amber Concept Off White Deluxe Leatherette Albums.

He ordered two Landscape Albums, one 14"x10" with 20 spreads, and the other 12"x8" with 20 spreads.  He added the blind deboss Letterpress Option that say "Christine & Elliot" on both the center of the cover of the book & box.

You can check out more of Tauran's work here:  http://tauran.com/

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Amber Concept

Amber has been mastering the art of paper, ink, printing, and packaging for more than 30 years. Our knowledge and experience have led us to create world-class products—visually stunning, unmatched quality, and eco-friendly.

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