The Winner of the Selfie Competition at PhotoPlus

At PhotoPlus 2017, we had a #selfiecompetition for #thebigbook.  To check out the rules of The Big Book competition, please see it on our Instagram page!

The winner was Jim Belmont, Jim photographs Rockstars and Musicians, as well as landscapes.  He hopes to showcase The 20" x 28" Big Book at The Iridium, NYC, as he’s the house photographer there.  At PhotoPlus, Jim suggested that he’d make some custom coffee table legs for The Big Book!  So we’d love to see Jim’s amazing work in The Big Book along with his custom coffee table legs!  We couldn’t be happier that Jim won The 20" x 28" Big Book, so thank you to all the fans who took the time to vote! Congratulations, Jim!

You can check out more of Jim’s work here:

We will be having a special giveaway at Imaging 2018, so come Meet The Big Book and find out!!

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