We will be interviewing and featuring world renowned photographers and feature them here!  Today, we want to share our interview with Tauran Woo, an international award winning Los Angeles based wedding photographer!  His work speaks for itself!  Please read along to see what Tauran has to share with us!

Tell us about yourself (your studio, things you like, etc).  

I’m born and raised in Los Angeles, which means I’m a huge Lakers fan and spend a lot of time in my car!  Haha!  When I’m not shooting photos, I spend most of my time with my wife and kids, watching movies, playing music, fixing the house, and spending time with friends.  

How many years have you been doing photography?  

I’ve been working as a professional wedding photographer for 12 years, and I worked as a videographer for 7 years before that – in total, I’ve been in the wedding industry almost 20 years!

What kind of photography do you do?  

I primarily shoot Wedding, engagement, and portrait photography in Los Angeles.  It’s not uncommon for me to work in San Francisco, New York, and all across the US as well as outside of the US.  I’m grateful to have been able to see the world because of my involvement with photography.

What do you shoot with, and what is your ideal setup?  

I use Canon cameras and all my lighting is Phottix.  I love the “shoot-on-the-go” style of lighting, especially for weddings.  Learning how to light with small speedlites has saved me many times!  However, there are some situations where knowing studio lighting will be an invaluable skill - so important to learn!

What inspires your photography style?  

I’m constantly pulling inspiration from different sources.  Magazines, books - Pinterest!   When I see something that pulls my attention or strikes me a certain way, I tear it out and scan it, or pin it.  There’s no shame in finding what you love about someone else’s work and building on it.  However, it’s important to only use these images as reference – do not rip off other people’s ideas outright and take them as your own!

What is your philosophy about photography?  

If you’re simply duplicating your work over and over, you’re doing something wrong.  It’s a creative process that demands growth, and not only should your work show growth over the span of your career, the content and the message of your photography should become more in focus.  I’m on my own journey, and I challenge everyone to be taking the art to the next level and expanding what photography can be, and deepen your skill and artistry as well.

What makes your work unique?  

All I can say is my work is unique because I am unique - like all people.  We all have a little creative voice that is telling us to take a chance and to do things that everyone else thinks is crazy and to express ourselves in a risky way.  Once in a while, I am afforded the opportunity to listen to that voice, and that is when I am truly able to embody the persona of an artist and experience freedom – very liberating!

Do you have a photographer or an influential figure that inspires you?  

Some of my first photography idols were Herb Ritts, Annie Leibowitz, Vincent Peters, George Hurrell, Dorothea Lange, a lot of others.  

What advice would you give to an aspiring photographer starting out?  

First off, educate yourself.  There are enough people out there with a DSLR who call themselves professional who don’t know the basic functions of a camera, don’t be one of them.  Second, be a student of the art – immerse yourself in other people’s photography, develop an eye and a sense of appreciation for all different styles.  Third, the best way to develop your business, learn about marketing, and sharpen your photography skills is to find a mentor.  I’ve benefited greatly from surrounding myself with seasoned professionals whom I admire and were willing to guide me through the narrow path.  Best wishes to you as you embark on your creative journey!  

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