Woven Linens Series

Woven Linens Series

Our Woven series linens have a heavier loomed weave, are distinct to touch, stunning, and remarkably versatile. Choose from our unique colors and blended rich textures to compliment the imagery in your album.

This line seemed to be the most favorite amongst all our guests at PhotoPlus in NYC.  What type of colors and covers are your favorites?  We’d love to hear what you think, please comment below!

Information about the Woven Series can be seen when you Register for an Account and/or Sign In > View the Series and look at the Detailed Information.  When designing, be sure to follow our design specs on this page.

Amber Concept

Amber Concept has been revolutionizing the art of printing for more than 30 years. Their knowledge and experience have led them to create world-class environmentally friendly products – fine art albums, artbooks, prints and more to inspire a visual storytelling experience to brighten every home.

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