The Big Book

Size does matter, and in this case, bigger is always better! We here at Amber Concept believe showcasing your amazing imagery in a much larger format will leave impressions and help you stand out above the rest. The 20 x 28 Big Book can be tall or wide, comes with a unique magazine blinding that can include up to 45 spreads, and both leatherette and linen cover materials are available to compliment the cover.  A black premium presentation box is included.

How will The Big Book help elevate your photography business? 

Come and Meet The Big Book at Imaging 2018 January 14-16th, and WPPI 2018 February 26-28th!!  
We’ll see you there!

Amber Concept

Amber Concept has been revolutionizing the art of printing for more than 30 years. Their knowledge and experience have led them to create world-class environmentally friendly products – fine art albums, artbooks, prints and more to inspire a visual storytelling experience to brighten every home.

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